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Tangshan Luyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of Tangshan City Light Industry Machinery Factory, large state-owned enterprises affiliated to the Ministry of light industry, is currently Hebei province is the largest Gas stoves and gas, biogas desulfurization equipment manufacturer, the company covers an area of 100 acres, with welding, metalworking, casting, heavy machine, fitter five workshop. The total construction area of 30000 square meters, the number of employees 450 people. My company is to focus on environmental protection equipment design, the gas furnace, burner and gas, biogas desulfurization station based science and technology enterprises in the engineering design, equipment manufacturing and customer service service. The company has a group engaged in chemical, mechanical talents, hire experts of national industrial gas and biogas engineering as a technical advisor, and Coal Science Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the process of North China University of science and technology, Tangshan College and other universities and research institutes in close cooperation, mastered the advanced technology of atmospheric fixed be

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Tangshan Luyuan environmental protection Co. Ltd.
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